Friday, November 24, 2006


Friends & Family:

I have decided to respond to the urging of a dear friend to produce a blog with a few other Catholic men and women:

It will deal with some of the important issues confronting us in the world today. The intent of this web-log is to focus on the essentials as seen from the perspective of Catholic optimism.

In these times which we find ourselves in, man's pessimism, self-destruction and self-hatred are given ample space on the net. The loss of dignity, the hypersexualization, the gossip, greed & gluttony of a world where God is marginalized confronts us at every turn. And so we wish to point to a different reality which is the TRUE way for man and woman.

Our name, nolite-timere means literally 'fear not'. We hope to be able to provide some useful texts... and we hope to highlight greater minds than our own in this small endeavor.

Happy Thanksgiving to All.

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causa nostra laetitiae said...

Your dear friend would be proud of your auspicious beginning!